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I feel the same rage for TW when Jack talks about Richard's ending being so perfect. I think I would love and cherish Richard just as much if he was given a happy ending. That whole "tragic characters need a tragic ending" spiel he gives about the finale doesn't wash with me. I love Jack but I totally disagree with him on that. I suppose from an actor's standpoint it's different, but still. grrr

Part of me wonders if Jack even fully believes it himself. He’s not really in the position to talk a bunch of shit, since he was probably under contract  to stay positive on the publicity tour and that interview in “Becoming Harrow” was filmed a while ago. But even if a part of him doubts it, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a lame excuse for lazy writing. It’s such a cliché to kill off a tragic character; it would’ve been far more interesting to see them figure out how to keep him alive, happy ending or not. Listen, I liked season 4—with the exception of a couple episodes here and there, I thought it was highly entertaining. And I’ve been really forgiving of their historical inaccuracies, as long as they were handled in an interesting way. But the finale was shock for shock’s sake, and tired shock at that. I doubt Jack will ever acknowledge it (and maybe he’s deluded himself into believing it, I don’t know), but it’s not gonna feel any less like a betrayal every time I hear it from him.