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  • Glory Box by Portishead
  • I'm Good, I'm Gone by Lykke Li
  • Lanterns Lit by Son Lux
  • Lose It by Austra
  • I'm Not the One by The Black Keys
  • Antidote by St. Vincent
  • Never Let Me Go by Florence + The Machine

Charlie Lucky Luciano
Boardwalk Empire - 4x07



Nicolas Cage Has The Trust
Jack Huston will be his corrupt cop partner

When Nicolas Cage tackles a law enforcement role, he either goes heroic or becomes completely unhinged. But for The Trust, which will see him co-starring with Boardwalk Empire’s Jack Huston, he’ll be veering more towards corrupt and greedy.

The actors are aboard to appear in the new thriller, which finds them as dodgy cops on the look out for a fresh payday, presumably to keep them in donuts or something. When they discover a mysterious safe that has unusual safeguards, they naturally covet the contents, which leads them even deeper into the criminal underworld, threatens their lives and leaves them questioning their next move. It just goes to show, kids: stealing is wrong. Mmkay?

Making their film directorial debut for this one are brothers Alex and Ben Brewer, who have thus far specialised in music videos and shorts. Alex Brewer co-wrote the film with Adam Hirsch, and they’re hoping to shoot this year.

Cage, who last appeared in David Gordon Green’s indie drama Joe (being screened at this year’s SFF), has OutcastThe Dying Of The Light and the Left Behind reboot working their way through post-production. Huston, who was part of the American Hustle cast, is at work on the final season of Boardwalk Empire and has shot romantic comedy drama Posthumous.

James wHITE

Will someone tell Jack Huston that his co-star is a MEME? Is this the best you could do?


Paz de la Huerta | ph. Isa Wipfli, Jan. 2011