"This afternoon when you saw me, you looked at me like I was something that you scraped off your boot. Now it’s four in the morning, the world is closing in and I’m your long lost son?"

BOARDWALK EMPIRE 1x08 — Hold Me In Paradise


margaret took some ‘ominiously sitting in the dark and then turning on a light’ lessons from richard clearly

What’s the sense in looking back? Never does any good.

AUs I would love to write:

  • Tommy in 1931 (in which Julia brought him and Emma and Emma’s baby to AC to try to sell the house and ended up staying, and then Tommy has to wrestle with the Darmody thirst for power and his hesitance to upset his surrogate moms)
  • Tommy and Emily in WWII (in which Holly talks about this zany headcanon for over a year and still doesn’t write it)
  • Emma at the Artemis Club (in which Emma comes out to AC to find Richard and Gillian tries to turn her into a high class call girl, and the events of S4 didn’t happen)
  • Angela and Maybelle in Paris (in which the end of “Georgia Peaches” didn’t happen and Angela leaves Tommy with Richard and Jimmy so she can find herself in Paris, and then she meets Maybelle at a party a few years later and lesbian hijinks ensue)
  • Richard and Owen’s broventures (in which Liss comes up with a better headcanon than any of the Boardwalk writers could manage by putting those two under Chalky’s supervision)

AUs I will probably never get around to writing and would love for someone else to tackle for my amusement:

  • (see above)