eli literally looks like those one of those stereotypical 1930s cartoon hobos

  • [Archie stands at the Pearly Gates. Richard emerges]
  • Richard: Hrrm. Welcome to Murderer Heaven. I'm your. Sponsor. You'll have to. Be accompanied. By me. Until you can pledge. Let me know if. Tch. You have any questions.
  • Archie: Why is your voice still fucked up if this is heaven?
  • Richard: It's. Hrrmm. Murderer Heaven. Can't, tch, go overboard.


so I just had an epiphany: adorable lady bb!lawyer? she is 100% Eunice Carter.

from her wikipedia page: “As an assistant DA, Carter put together a massive prostitution racketeering case that led eventually to Mafia boss Lucky Luciano. Carter convinced New York District Attorney Thomas Dewey to personally prosecute the case.”

even if they give her a different name the way they did with Esther, it’s her. 100%.